The Watch Stand x Maison Gris

The Watch Roll x MG - Simpsheikh


Each roll is hand painted so finishing may vary slightly from what is shown on our website.

The Watch Stand x Maison Gris
This product has been meticulously hand-painted by Maison Gris.

The Watch Roll
A luxurious and elegant place to store your watch. Whether you are storing them for later use or keeping them safe while travelling, our Watch Roll is where your watches will want to be.

The Watch Roll is handcrafted in Europe using only the finest Italian Saffiano leather and genuine suede. This ensures your watches will always be safe, no matter where the Watch Roll goes. In a suitcase, drawer or just on a nightstand - anywhere the Watch Roll goes, your watches will be kept comfortable and secure.

Avoid the inevitable knocks, scratches and other blemishes that pile up during transit and even in storage by keeping your collection in our Watch Rolls while they aren’t on a Watch Stand or your wrist.


23,5 cm long
30 cm circumference

606 grams

Reference number:  TWR-NECI-3-SIMPSHEIKH

Watches are not included.

Roman Sharf, founder and CEO of, is one of the most genuine and influential persons in the watch community on Youtube with over 28 000 subscribers to his channel. In this episode Roman talks about our story and gives his words and testimonial of The Watch Stand. Enjoy!We also want to share this lovely texts we got from satisfied customers in May and July 2020 - it means the world to us!

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