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Our Watch Stand

Long-time watch enthusiasts ourselves, we were becoming annoyed by the scratches, dings and damage we were inflicting upon our beloved timepieces when we took them off. After scouring the internet for a high-quality wrist watch stand, we couldn’t find any so decided to make our own, and The Watch Stand was born.

Constructed of a marble base, steel rod and a leather-wrapped cushion, our marble watch stand acts as the best place to store your watch and keep it safe and scratch free when you take it off at night, while you are working or cooking in the kitchen. No matter the reason, placing your timepiece on one of our luxury watch stands will mean your watch can be stay in the best condition possible while essentially being on display on a watch display stand.

As our initial attempt at a watch stand lacked the fine finishing we were hoping for, we moved our production from Asia to Europe where our watch stands are now handmade in Sweden using only the finest genuine leathers, solid Italian marble and steel or brass rods, depending on your choice.

True Luxury Watch Stands

Pioneers within the space, no manufacturer was creating luxury watch stands until we brought The Watch Stand to market and fulfilled a demand that had gone long-ignored. Today, our watch stands are used all over the world proudly displaying beloved timepieces and keeping them safe and within arm’s reach.

Available as a wide range of watch stands with various leathers from different animals and in different colours, our watch stands are widely recognised as the most stylish, and luxurious on the market. With a patent for our watch stand design, it is no surprise that we have come across several copy-cats that have failed to innovate upon our beautiful watch stands in terms of either design or utility.

Watch Stand Sizing

Offered in a Classic size and Duo size, our multiple watch stands are designed to hold either 1 or 2 timepieces, respectively; albeit both sizes can comfortably display an additional timepiece, if you so choose. While our watch stands are normally offered with calfskin leather wrapping their padded cushion, we also offer a selection of exotic leather watch stands for the collector that wants something even more special and exclusive.

Exotic Leather Watch Stands

Our selection of exotic leather watch stands is offered in either crocodile, alligator or ostrich, with alligator leather being offered on the widest range of classic and duo watch stands, and ostrich and crocodile being offered exclusively on our classic watch stand. If you would like to better peruse our exotic leather watch stands please click HERE.

Outside of our regular offering of watch stands, we also offer a wide variety of collaboration watch stands whereby we take our iconic watch stand design and allow another market-leading brand in their respective niche to bring their own sense of identity to our watch stand.

TWS x Maison Gris Watch Stands

Beginning with our Maison Gris watch stands, we offer watch stands with either bespoke designs, or pre-designed images that are meticulously hand-painted by Maison Gris. An English group of artists, Maison Gris have become legendary for their work with leather goods such as handbags, wallets and now, The Watch Stand.

TWS x Berd Vay’e Watch Stands

Next up, we have our collaboration with Berd Vay’e in which we use their Lucite® as our watch stand base. Transparent and heavy, these watch stand bases act as the perfect vehicle to display hundreds of watch movement parts that are polished and then positioned by Berd Vay’e’s team of inhouse artisans.

TWS x Cagau Dubai Watch Stands

Finally, rounding off our current selection of collaborative watch stands, we have our most recent collaboration. By far our most ambitious project to date, this collaboration is between us and the legendary Cagau Dubai, the diamond and jewellery specialists. Offered as the most exclusive watch stand available, this watch stand features over 11 carats of near-colourless VS/SI clarity diamonds in a flower setting on its steel rod. A sight to behold, this watch stand is without comaparison and needless to say, is the ultimate in luxury watch stands.

With our unrivalled quality, iconic patented design and wide variety of watch stands, we are sure to have a watch stand that suits your needs and matches your personal style and décor. Browse our extensive range of watch stands here and rest easy knowing your timepieces will never be scratched or misplaced while off your wrist ever again.