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Watch Holders

Designed to be placed upon our wrists, watches seem to have one major flaw, we can never find a place to put them when we don’t want to wear them. While we like to wear our watches as much as possible here at The Watch Stand, the idea for a wrist watch holder is where our idea for the watch stand came from all those years back.

While our range of watch holders far exceeds just our original product, The Watch Stand, we have pioneered the watch holder space with spinning watch holders – our collection of automatic watch winders, travel watch holders - our collection of watch rolls and leather watch holders – our collection of valet trays and our collection of luxury leather watch rolls too.

With an extensive array of watch holders to our name, you can rest assured that we have you covered no matter the nature of why you are setting your watch down. With short and long term storage covered, our watch holders will ensure you watch is kept safe, scratch free and ready to be worn without having to fiddle with watch boxes or anything else like that.

Valet Tray Watch Holders

Our Valet Trays, our newest available product and watch holder, can actually store a lot more than just your watch. A walled tray handmade from genuine Saffiano leather and suede, our Valet Tray watch holders can store all of your daily essentials like keys, wallets, phones and of course, your watch. Designed for quick storage and easy access, our Valet Tray watch holders are best used for storing items whereby safety and transit are not factors, like at home on the kitchen table, at your desk or on your nightstand.

Watch Stand Watch Holders

Our Watch Stand is a longer-term watch holder than our Valet Tray watch holders. As the name suggests, our watch stands are designed for watches, and so are classified as wrist watch holders, but they can be used for bracelets too. While their raised leather cushions will protect your watch from scratches and keep them safe, our watch stand watch holders are best used much like our Valet Tray watch holders in terms of where they are best used around the house, office and so on.

With the added benefit of keeping your watches metal bracelet from touching itself or your watches case back, our watch stand watch holders ensure your timepieces are kept in pristine condition, but lack the security and transit capabilities of our next product, as our watch stand watch holders double as display stands.

Watch Roll Watch Holders

Perhaps our best watch holder in a sense, our Watch Rolls act as the perfect watch holder in that are portable for transit, can be used to store watches over a longer period of time, say in a safe or hidden, and will keep your watches in pristine condition while doing so. While they lack the presentation capabilities of our Valet Tray watch holders and watch stand watch holders, our watch rolls offer portability and safety over presentation, making them one of the safest kinds of watch holders out there.

Watch Winders

Of all of our watch holders, our Watch Winders, are effectively spinning watch holders that offer the presentation capabilities of our watch stand watch holders and Valet Tray watch holders while also offering totally safety and utility. Designed to keep your automatic timepieces wound so they are ready to be worn the second you put them on your wrist, our watch winders are exceptional watch holders for men and women that like to rotate between pieces and don’t want to have to go through the process of winding their watch after it dies and resetting the time and whatever complications are on your watch, like the date, perpetual calendars, moonphases and so on.


With our extensive array of watch holders available, please be sure to check out our collections here to shop whatever product suits your unique needs.