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About The Watch Stand

The Watch Stand is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our product is designed and developed by us and it is handcrafted in Europe with the finest marble and leather from Italy.

A winder or a watch box is of course a great place to store your watches you don't use daily, but the time to open the winder/box, take out the cushion, attach the watch to it, put it back into the winder/box is too long to do on a daily basis. And just putting it on a drawer or table will in the long run leave scratches on your watch.

The Watch Stand is a convenient and elegant place for your watch, wrist accessory or jewelry.  

Our story

Many times, an innovative product stems from a need. That’s exactly what happened with The Watch Stand. Soran was looking for somewhere to easily place a watch after use. However, a product to accommodate this need didn’t exist. Soran started to sketch some early designs and showed it to his friend Jens who also saw the need for this product, and the two teamed up.

Wanting to avoid damaging valuable watches by placing them on nightstands or dressers, the two decided to develop a product that would offer a safe place for watches and convenience for those who wear watches on a daily basis.

In 2018, The Watch Stand was born.

It took time, though. Soran and Jens partnered up with Amar, who brought in Isaac, The Watch Stand’s first full time employee, who possessed the marketing skills to expand the products’ visibility online and through social media. Their quest was to create a watch stand made with high-quality materials. The first versions of the product were made in China and were satisfactory, but did not live up to the initial vision of a high-end product that would match the level of quality of the watches that were supposed to be placed on the product.

By 2019, the production was moved to Europe and the level of quality and craftmanship reached the desired level. They succeeded in manufacturing a high-quality build with a design that was made for watches of all sizes and brands.

Now, the team has gained a reputation for quality, evident in the testimonials from valued customers, by developing a product that meets a need for watch enthusiasts throughout the world. This growth has also garnered the need to expand their team with a solid employee base.

Give your watches a safe place to rest when you’re not wearing them. The Watch Stand is here to add some convenience and elegance to your life and your accessories. See the elegance firsthand when browsing our watch stand collections.