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Our Watch Rolls

With our experience in bringing you our iconic Watch Stands, we have learned exactly what you ask of the products you buy for your watches. Taking that knowledge, we have made sure that our Watch Rolls are constructed with the care and attention that they and you deserve. We make the best watch stands, so it is only fair that we make the best watch rolls too, and we believe that our watch rolls are the best, no doubt about it.

Constructed from Italian Saffiano leather and genuine suede, our leather Watch Rolls have been designed from the ground up to keep your timepieces safe and readily available whenever you need to access them. Whether you are travelling with your timepieces or storing them to wear later, our leather Watch Rolls are where your watches will want to be. 

Available in two sizes, for either two and three watches, and with a plethora of growing colour options, we are confident that our luxury watch rolls cater to the vast majority of tastes and collections. If you would like something a bit more unique to you, we also offer hand-painted designs on our watch rolls, courtesy of English artist group Maison Gris. 

Maison Gris Watch Rolls

Maison Gris is a highly distinguished group of artists that will meticulously hand-paint whatever design your heart desires onto your new Watch Roll. Famed for their work on leather goods, and their incredible Instagram page, our collaboration with them represents the merging of our unrivalled offerings, as demonstrated by our watch rolls and watch stands, and their artistic creativity and skill.

When to use a Watch Roll

While our watch stands are perfect for off-the-cuff storage, our watch rolls cater as a longer-term storage solution whereby you can use it to store your watches at home, or you can use it as a travel watch roll to store watches you want to bring on holidays with you. Thanks to their durable Saffiano leather exterior and soft suede lining, our luxury watch rolls will ensure you watches aren’t damaged in transit and easily stored in a suitcase. 

Watch Roll Construction

Constructed using a single piece of leather attached to a single piece of suede, our watch roll case rolls onto itself and is secured using snap buttons. Within our watch rolls are either two or three cushions that are separated from one another by padded walls that each cushion the watches within them from hitting one another. This creates the perfect conditions for your watches as our watch roll prevents them from moving too much during transit or storage, and thus preventing damage.

Watch Roll Colourways

Furthermore, our watch rolls are offered in a selection of different colourways that are also consistent with our Valet Trays. We also offer a premium crocodile leather watch rolls that exists as perhaps the best watch roll on the market. While it is only offered in one colourway and size, Ciment 3 – Black on grey for three watches, it acts as the epitome of our watch roll offering, blending our gorgeous design with a luxurious and exclusive material that few other watch rolls are made of. 

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