The Watch Stand x Maison Gris

The Strive for Excellence

Here at The Watch Stand, we have always been passionate about our handcrafted watch stands and the place they occupy in the homes of our customers. Our watch stands are not just somewhere to store your watch and keep them scratch-free but an ornament you can be proud to own and have on display – with a watch on it or not. As always, we have sought to improve our offerings and build upon the quality foundation we have in our product. That is why, when the team at Maison Gris approached us and pointed out the potential we have in the calfskin leather-wrapped cushion that proudly sits atop our stands as a blank canvas we knew there was more we had to do. To provide a truly luxurious product, the search for perfection can never end.

Knowing that Maison Gris understands this constant effort to outperform oneself, we knew that they were the perfect fit for our brand. Based in England, Maison Gris is a privately contracted group of artists that provide a bespoke personalization service via their meticulously hand-painted designs and artwork. This collaboration has enabled us to bring you a selection of our watch stands that fit perfectly with our vision of a handcrafted European-made luxury product that will protect your watch and look great in doing so.
It is our pleasure to announce that from today you can become the owner of a functional piece of art – our watch stands with Maison Gris’ expertly painted designs. You can choose from an array of pre-existing designs, or, if you so desire, you can contact us and provide us with the design you want, and receive a truly one of one bespoke watch stand. Keep your beloved watches scratch-free for years to come on our The Watch Stand x Maison Gris watch stands.

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